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Buy Our Challenge Coin!

In homage to the tradition of the challenge coin in the military, we present the official WWII Heritage Days 2019 Challenge Coin.  This beautiful commemoration of WWII Heritage Days is made of brass and plated in gold.  It bears the symbol of the event with the war years on front and the symbol of the Ghost Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force on the back.  This is a wonderful way to commemorate this event and add to your collection of challenge coins! 
Pre-purchase here to ensure a challenged coin will be reserved for you during the weekend.  This pre-purchase is for PICK-UP at the event ONLY.  No shipping. All sales are final.


After purchase, you can pick-up your challenge coin at the Dixie Wing’s PX location at WWII Heritage Days, Saturday or Sunday, April 27 & 28.  Please bring a copy of your PayPal receipt for verification.
This history of the Challenge Coin is a storied one.  Symbolic coins carried into battle date back to ancient Roman empire.  The use of coins as symbols in the US can even be found during the Civil War and World War I. During WWII the tradition of the “challenge coin”really took roots; as soldiers deployed to locations around the globe to fight not only to maintain America’s freedoms, but to aid in securing the continued chance for freedom for every nation.  Challenge Coins became a way to remember home, a symbol of unit identity, and a way to promote esprit de corps.  Following WWII, the usage of the challenge coin in the military grew. Coins began to be created for the sole purpose of use as challenge coins in the military.  In Vietnam challenge coins were heavily utilized among Special Forces units, where their origins symbolized the strong bond and unique identity of Special Forces units.  The challenge coin continues to be utilized in military forces to this day.  It is not simply a tokin, but rather, an as an award for excellence, a special gift for visiting  foreign dignitaries and civilians VIPs, and a coveted symbol of pride in their unit for soldiers of all rank.  The challenge coin is a the heart of military life.

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